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Best of the Baclofen Boards

The Mywayout Forums have, over the past two years, become a center for discussion of topics relating to Baclofen treatment for alcohol.  Produced below are links to some of the more interesting threads including posts by Olivier Ameisen.

The forum provides a supportive environment in which to gain understanding of Baclofen and to exchange experiences with Baclofen.  It also provides a huge amount of information about the success of Baclofen as a treatment for alcoholism, provided by members in their own threads.

We invite you to join the forums and start you own journey to recovery or a better understanding of Baclofen treatment.

Here are some of the best of the Baclofen Boards on Mywayout:

Dr Olivier Ameisen (part 1 of my message)

Dr Olivier Ameisen (part 2 of my message)

Dr. Fred Levin colleague of Dr. Ameisen



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