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Baclofen should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.  Many people order Baclofen over the internet and there are many sites offering Baclofen for sale.  If at all possible, have your doctor prescribe Baclofen or seek specialist advice.



Below is reproduced the dosage schedule used by Olivier Ameisen and to achieve indifference to alcohol.  It is not the purpose of this site to give medical advice and you are strongly advised to find a doctor who is knowledgeable in its use and will oversee your dosage.  Baclofen dosage is highly individual and it does have side effects which many do not like.   

Dr. Ameisen’s Dosage schedule:

Dr. Ameisen titrated up to 3.6mg per kilo (270mg/daily) at which dose he became indifferent towards alcohol.

He stayed at that dose for 12 days then, due to the fact that he was experiencing somnolence, he titrated down to 1.6mg/kilo (120mg/daily) and he stayed at that dose for a long time. Today he continues to take 30-50mg/daily.

Whilst titrating up, and at the lower dosage of 120mg/daily, he took an additional 20-40mg p.r.n. (on an as-needed basis/once daily) if he was experiencing cravings – this would produce a state of deep relaxation within the hour, followed by somnolence.

(1 kilo = 2.2 pounds.)

Interesting Facts:

As well as alcoholism, Ameisen had a pre-existing anxiety disorder – the lower dosage of 120mg/daily took care of both anxiety and symptoms of alcohol dependence. (He came off his anxiety meds.)

Interestingly, before experimenting with high dosage Baclofen, Ameisen had tried Naltrexone (50md/daily) and Campral (2g/daily) for 12-18 months each but discontinued as they didn’t stop his cravings or relapses. He then went onto Baclofen (180mg/daily) for his anxiety but didn’t exceed that dosage as he was unaware that higher dosages were safe. He took that for 12 months - it didn’t suppress cravings or relapses. He then tried Topamax (300mg/daily) for 3 months and discontinued as, again, no reduction in cravings or relapses.

He researched Baclofen and realized it had the potential to suppress cravings and alleviate anxiety simultaneously. He calculated the amount needed for body weight based on a study in rats and the fact that neurologists were using up to 270mg/daily (long term) for multiple sclerosis and 300mg/daily in spasticity.

He then went back on Baclofen at 30mg/daily, adding 20mg/daily every third day. He used 20-40mg p.r.n. From Day 1 anxiety was reduced, muscular tension began to subside and sleep was more restful. It took him 5 weeks to reach 270mg/daily at which point he was indifferent towards alcohol.

His daily consumption prior to Baclofen was typically 750ml of Scotch a day.

He’s been abstinent since January 9, 2004.