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Quotes I take baclofen for alcoholism.Taking low dose now because I get bizzare side effect at high dose.I tend to get insomimnia,mild mania,and sometimes very vivid dreams and shroomlike colorful complex closed eyed visual and occasional paranoia or anxiety.I once overdosed and nearly had a psychotic break lasting 8 hours at night.Tapered down quickly and now taking 10mg TID along with .5 klonopin BID.This combo helps craving and anxiety well.This low dose regime had me sober for a year.I refuse High dose baclo as it too trippy and confusing. Quotes

Quotes I had been extrememly depressed an was unresponsive to antidepressants of different types. I began self-medicating using GBL which immediately removed my depression and made me extremely sociable. After several months of continuous use my life had turned into a disaster. I couldn't function normally, I would collapse often, I had ruined many friendships and ripped my family apart. Withdrawals from GBL were horrific. I had to go to a detox and recieve specialist help. Part of the treatment to stop my withdrawal symptoms was a low dose of baclofen(30mg/day). One day after yet another relapse I took the full 30mg all at once and my cravings were ameilorated. I spoke to my doctor and we agreed on 100mg/day. I bought more online and took my dose up to about 180mg/day and my addiction was completely severed. I have now been 7 months without any GBL. I no longer crave the drug (where as previously it was all I could think about and was relapsing constantly). With baclofen it was effortless. Quotes

Quotes My name is Pascal Gramme and I live in Belgium. I was addicted to opiates, benzodiazepines, and antidepressants. Everyday, I would take 64 codeine pills, I could see my marriage breaking down, and my health deteriorating, so I started to do some internet research and stumbled upon baclofen. I found a doctor who prescribes baclofen in Brussels. It was the 8th of March 2010. I went up to 200mg/d in less than 15 days. Since the 15th March 2010, I no longer take any opiate, and this without any craving, psychological nor physical. With baclofen, I managed to rid myself of my addiction, with no effort whatsoever. Not only with regard to the opiates, but also the benzodiazepines, the psychotropic drugs, and the antidepressants. This is what baclofen has done for me. Quotes
Pascal Gramme
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