Baclofen UK 

Alcoholism and Addiction Treatment 

Finding a doctor to help you

There are now doctors in many parts of the world who prescribe Baclofen for alcoholism. 

The members of the Mywayout Forum can assist in directing you to a doctor in your area. 

In the United States Dr. Fred Levin prescribes Baclofen for alcoholism.   His contact details are below..

 Dr. Fred Levin

Associate Professor, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, US
Home      Skype 312-642-5803        
He can be reached between 7 and 9pm (gmt -6) at his home number, which is his preference.


 In the UK, Dr. Jonathan Chick prescribes Baclofen for alcoholism.  His contact details are on the following link: 




Doctors prescribing Baclofen in Zimbabwe can be contacted by emailing or telephoning Ryan Kelly who can provide you with contact details.  His email address is and telephone number in Zimbabwe  Skype 0772 239 000.